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I can't really call myself a seasoned motorcyclist. In fact, I'm relatively new to motorcycling. I had already entered my seventh decade before I even thought of it as a pastime.

I think there were a few factors at play. It undoubtedly had something to do with retiring and feeling the need to be a bit adventurous. It also provided an opportunity to get back at my sons, having been traumatised over the years from the worry of their riding motorcycles. Then, it happened to coincide with my wife’s deciding she wanted "something better" and heading off on a new bike, as it were, in search of it.

Anyway, that was at the beginning of 2005.

Since April 2005, when I got my learner’s permit and my first bike – a well used Suzuki GS500 – and ventured out warily onto the neighbourhood roads, I've covered more than 250,000 km on some fourteen different models of bikes in seventeen countries spanning four continents.

The author - Robert Crick, Motorcycle MeandererAnd it’s all been just for the fun of it. No commuting. Pure Touring.

Before that, I led a mostly normal life. I was born and spent my early years in the Sydney suburb of Lakemba. I later lived on a farm in the Sydney suburb of West Pennant Hills. I spent a few years in a religious order immersed in Scholastic philosophy and theology. I did law at Sydney University. Then spent 19 years in the Australian Diplomatic Service and another 15 years in other Australian government departments.

I live very contentedly in Canberra, Australia. Until a few years ago, I was accompanied by my 20 something year old stepdaughter, her two dogs and her cat. I cherish two adult sons and their wives, an adult daughter, two adult stepdaughters (compliments of their new-life-seeking mum), three grandsons and a granddaughter, a step grandson and step granddaughter and a great granddaughter.

When not otherwise occupied with family, I'm simply a motorcycle meanderer.

A bit more can be read in this article from the Canberra Times published on 8 Sept 2014:

Ex-public servant Robert Crick explores the world by motorbike at 71

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