On the Road

Travelling and Resting-up

This section is intended to deal with issues that I have encountered along the way – and that others also will likely encounter. Hope it can help.

Tintaldra Pub
Country Town Pubs

I have listed several that I have stayed in or heard about, with some hopefully helpful observations. I plan to keep expanding this list from my own experiences and from input from readers. Contact me through the Guest Book if you have some good pubs to report.

chain_Grandson_Kai_helping_wash_the_bikeLooking After Your Chain

Chain maintenance is a must for safe and reliable riding. It takes a bit of knowledge to do so but it’s an easy learning process and doesn’t require much mechanical nous or complex tool use.

My tent

This page contains information based on research and analysis of my needs in preparation for my first serious foray into motorcycle camping. I also report on experiences with my camping set-up. My arrangements served be well on a 10-week trip, mostly camping.

Powering up

I describe the communications componentry I have chosen and why; and report on how well it works - or otherwise!

Always be prepared
First Aid

I have included a few useful tips that I picked up on the road.

A road to somewhere

Practical Routes

This is the start of a collection of good, practical routes to and from a few places.

Great Rides

You might say that this page begins where the 200 Top Rides ends. It’s not intended to compete with or duplicate the 200 Top Rides (or should that more grammatically be the “top 200 rides?”). It captures ‘great rides’ that I have discovered but are not listed in the 200 Top Rides.

Oh No! I’m missing that!
Repairing Punctures

You might not always have easy access to Roadside Assist. You might not even have mobile phone access. Repairing a puncture on a tubed tyre is a lot different to plugging a tubeless tyre. You might just need to be able to repair a puncture.

California Superbike School

Learning skills for cornering should be an essential part of any rider's agenda irrespective of how long he or she has been riding. I think what the California Superbike School has to offer by way of skills and drills relating to cornering - and everything that goes with it, such as looking, assessing, planning, braking, steering, throttling etc - provides a thoroughly sound basis for all riders. I got lots of value and had lots of fun doing the course: levels 1-3 so far.

Travel Insurance

Some information on the extent travel insurance policies for overseas travel cover motorcycling.

Riding Gear

So far, I have only got one page here: on an aspect dealing with helmets. This was sparked by my recent acquisition of a Schuberth E1 adventure helmet. Hope it might be of some use to readers.

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